Blog Detect spam comments in Django: comments-spamfighter

A while ago I updated this website to Django 1.1 and replaced my self-made comment system in favor of Django's contrib.comments. This comment-system comes with a built-in anti spam feature; a hidden field. And even though this field has a more or less stupid name honeypot, enough spam comments seems to get caught by it.

However, at the end I get around 5-10 additional spam comments each day, which get not caught, so I've written a comments moderation class django-comments-spamfighter that does two things:

While I'm not so happy with Akismet as it has about 10% false positives here, the keyword stuff is very powerful. Most spam comments here contain typical words like viagra or nude which get easily caught.

django-comments-spamfighter is available via pypi:

easy_install pip
pip install django-comments-spamfighter

The repository is located on Bitbucket but there is a Github mirror as well (It's synced with my Bitbucket repo). Oh, and there is a documentation! :-)